Football Recruiting

  1. Tyler Buchner/QB/Helix HS/University of Notre Dame (2021)
 2021, 2022, 2023–

  • Tyler Jensen/QB/Lincoln HS (2021)
  • Josh Simmons/OL/Helix HS (2021)
  • Kavika Tua/RB/Oceanside HS (2021)
  • Kamron Beachem/WR/Oceanside HS (2021)
  • McKyle So’oto/LB/Mission Hills HS (2021)
  • Jason Boyle/LB/Mission Hills HS (2021)
  • Gabe Krug/QB/Christian HS (2021)
  • Aiden Lippert/RB/La Costa Canyon HS (2021)
  • Kenneth Stevenson/RB/Lincoln HS (2021)
  • Josh Meredith/WR/Valhalla HS (2021)
  • Clay Petry/WR/The Bishop’s HS (2021)
  • Vance Jefferson/ATH/Poway HS (2021)
  • Marco Notarainni/LB/Torrey Pines HS (2021)
  • Jalil Tucker/ATH/Lincoln HS (2022)
  • Gracen Halton/DE/St. Augustine HS (2022)
  • Tajon Evans/WR/Mira Mesa HS (2022)
  • Brayden Fowler-Nicolosi/QB/Torrey Pines HS (2022)
  • Josh Davis/DB/Carlsbad HS (2022)
  • Jaiden Letua/LB/Mission Hills HS (2022)
  • Emmett Brown/QB/San Marcos HS (2022)
  • Jake Bolin/LB/San Marcos HS (2022)
  • Clash Orsborn/QB/Mission Bay HS (2022)
  • Omar Hammond/WR/Patrick Henry HS (2023)
  • Tre Edwards/ATH/Mater Dei Catholic HS (2023)
  • Amare Ary/RB/San Diego HS (2023)
  • Matthew Staycer/OL/Torrey Pines HS (2023)

4 thoughts on “Football Recruiting

  1. Justin Woodley/MLB/The Bishop’s School (2017) has received interest from New Hampshire and Norther Arizona

  2. Donovan Laie is only a freshman and is class of 2018. I believe he will be a promising athlete for Oceanside High School. Thank you and God bless

  3. It’s always the same school’s that get all the press even when those teams are not as good as previous years. These other players from schools you never mention out play these “big name” players most of the time. Maybe it’s time to give these other kids a shot to be recruited. There is a lot of talent in San Diego, but your so called “top recruits” lists never shows the real talent from other schools you choose not to mention. Time for everyone to get a fair shot at being recruited.

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