Football Recruiting

  • Jack Tuttle/QB/Mission Hills HS/University of Utah (2018)
 2018, 2019, 2020–
  • Donovan Laie/OL/Oceanside HS (2018)
  • Mikah Linnan/LB/Oceanside HS (2018)
  • David Folsom/OL/Point Loma HS (2018)
  • Garrett Curran/OL/Granite Hills HS (2018)
  • Chris Fatilua/LB/Madison HS (2018)
  • Chris Olave/ATH/Mission Hills HS (2018)
  • Isaac Taylor-Stuart/DB/St. Augustine HS (2018)
  • JR Justice/DB/St. Augustine HS (2018)
  • Andrew Alves/LB/St. Augustine HS (2018)
  • Isaac Hall/LB-DE/St. Augustine HS (2018)
  • Tysean White/LB/St. Augustine HS (2018)
  • Kenyon Sims/RB/Mission Bay HS (2018)
  • Kyle Philips/WR/San Marcos HS (2018)
  • Josh Bornes/LB/San Marcos HS (2018)
  • Mozes Mooney/WR/The Bishop’s School (2018)
  • Demitri Washington/ATH/Santa Fe Christian HS (2018)
  • Jaden Casey/QB/El Camino HS (2018)
  • Chris Brown/RB-LB/El Camino HS (2018)
  • Rocky Katoanga/LB/El Camino HS (2018)
  • Matt Araiza/K-P/Rancho Bernardo HS (2018)
  • Jake Neufeld/QB/La Costa Canyon HS (2018)
  • Michael Carey/OLB-TE/La Costa Canyon HS (2018)
  • Carson Baker/QB/Helix HS (2018)
  • Rashad Scott/WR-CB/Helix HS (2018)
  • Chris Fatilua/LB/Madison HS (2018)
  • William Dunkle/OL/Eastlake HS (2018)
  • Andrew Lira/DB/Grossmont HS (2018)
  • Josh Moala/WR/Grossmont HS (2018)
  • Joshua McNish-Heider/DL/Valhalla HS (2018)
  • Shawn Poma/RB/Cathedral Catholic HS (2019)
  • Jaden Dir/WR-RB/La Jolla Country Day School (2019)
  • Michael Shawcroft/DL/Helix HS (2019)
  • Noah Saulo/DL/Madison HS (2019)
  • Casey Kline/OLB/Brawley HS (2019)

4 thoughts on “Football Recruiting

  1. Justin Woodley/MLB/The Bishop’s School (2017) has received interest from New Hampshire and Norther Arizona

  2. Donovan Laie is only a freshman and is class of 2018. I believe he will be a promising athlete for Oceanside High School. Thank you and God bless

  3. It’s always the same school’s that get all the press even when those teams are not as good as previous years. These other players from schools you never mention out play these “big name” players most of the time. Maybe it’s time to give these other kids a shot to be recruited. There is a lot of talent in San Diego, but your so called “top recruits” lists never shows the real talent from other schools you choose not to mention. Time for everyone to get a fair shot at being recruited.

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