Football Recruiting

  1. Tyler Buchner/QB/The Bishop’s School/University of Notre Dame (2021)
  2. Delshawn Traylor/ATH/Helix HS/Army (2020)
  3. Charlie Mossy/DE/The Bishop’s School/University of Pennsylvania (2020)
  4. Sebastian Valdez/DE/Monte Vista HS/Montana State (2020)
  5. Clarence Freeman/WR/The Bishop’s School/Davidson College (2020)
  6. Holden Brosnan/OL/Cathedral Catholic HS/Air Force Academy (2020)
  7. Jack Wiese/LB/La Jolla HS/Davidson College (2020)
  8. Zavion Reese/DB/San Marcos HS/San Jose State (2020)
  9. Ozzie Nicholas/LB/La Costa Canyon HS/Princeton University (2020)
  10. Logan Berzins/OL/Cathedral Catholic HS/Stanford University (2020)
  11. Jalen Bainer/ATH/San Marcos HS/San Jose State (2020)
  12. Tyson McWilliams/DB/St. Augustine HS/University of California (2020)
  13. Nicholas Albert/WR/La Jolla Country Day School/Washington St. Louis (2020)
  14. Chris Hunter/OL/Oceanside HS/Army (2020)
  15. Elelyon Noa/RB/Helix HS/Utah State (2020)
  16. Chance Johnson/DB/Steele Canyon HS/San Jose State (2020)
  17. Michael Ambagtsheer/TE/St. Augustine HS/UC-Davis (2020)
  18. Keyshawn Smith/WR/Lincoln HS/Washington State (2020)
  19. Marquese Allen-Patmon/ATH/Lincoln HS/University of Nevada (2020)
  20. Jonathan Harrison/OL/Carlsbad HS/San Diego State (2020)
 2020, 2021, 2022–

4 thoughts on “Football Recruiting

  1. Justin Woodley/MLB/The Bishop’s School (2017) has received interest from New Hampshire and Norther Arizona

  2. Donovan Laie is only a freshman and is class of 2018. I believe he will be a promising athlete for Oceanside High School. Thank you and God bless

  3. It’s always the same school’s that get all the press even when those teams are not as good as previous years. These other players from schools you never mention out play these “big name” players most of the time. Maybe it’s time to give these other kids a shot to be recruited. There is a lot of talent in San Diego, but your so called “top recruits” lists never shows the real talent from other schools you choose not to mention. Time for everyone to get a fair shot at being recruited.

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