Tate Martell Evaluation

I had the chance to check out 2017 Poway HS quarterback Tate Martell last week in the Titan’s game against Torrey Pines. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect because he’s still only a freshman, but decided to commit to the University of Washington following 7th grade. Arizona State offered Tate a scholarship this past summer, but he told me that Washington has always been his favorite school, so he has no plans to change.

Poway runs almost all of their offensive sets out of the pistol formation, which gives Tate lots of options in the running game and assists with play-action passes. His mobility and escapability from the pocket is outstanding, but he’ll need to get better as a passer, both with reads and accuracy. Martell is 5’11” at most and needs to add muscle, but both of those should improve as he matures over the next 3+ years in high school. From what I’ve seen, there’s no reason to think that Martell won’t be among the top 10 quarterbacks in the country come his senior year at Poway.

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